Mini Dome Fruit Cage

Original price was: €80,00.Current price is: €60,00.

These Fruit Cages protects your canes, bushes and vegetables with the a design that perfectly accommodates crops grown in rows or in bunches.

The indicated price is for a fruit cage 1metres wide and 1.3metres high. If a custom size, colour or other features are required please request a quote below with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Mini Dome Roof Fruit Cages will make a statement in any garden as well as being practical and functional. Combining superb structural quality and stylish design this fruit cage would look at home in a traditional or contemporary setting and is effective for protecting soft fruit and small trees and can be installed in a range of sizes from 1m to 3m wide with options to extend to your chosen length.
We manage the design, manufacturing and if required the installation of these pergolas. To request a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.