Golden Chalice

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An easy to take care of, tough and hardy species with brightly coloured yellow and green leaves with reddish tips. The flowers are star shaped and white or yellow in colour.  With its eye-catching and brightly coloured leaves the Sunset Star is perfect for a sunny windowsill.

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All our plants are locally sourced, from local stock or locally produced seeds. All soil and compost used is locally sourced, fully organic and pesticide free. These features ensure that all plants sold in our store are fully acclimatised to the Maltese climate and so are more prone to thrive at their new home.

As much as possible we try to utilise recycled or re-purposed planters for our plants to reduce our impact on the environment. Once at their new home they can be replanted in any container you wish, however if you prefer that we deliver you plants in a more traditional plastic planter we can do this as well.

Common NameGolden Chalice Vine
Botanical NameSolandra nitida
Plant TypePerennial
Mature SizeCan grow as much as 20m tall if planted in the ground
Sun ExposureLight Shade to Full Sun
Soil TypeRich, well-drained
Soil pH6-8
Bloom TimeMid Summer
AppearanceClimber with large, yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers
Hardiness Zones10-11
Native AreaMexico
ToxicityToxic to people and pets

Golden Chalice Vine Care

This plant is an evergreen climber with large, yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers with a purple stripe running down the centre of each lobe. The stems are stout and strong, apparently able to climb to 20m in tropical countries, but will stay much smaller if kept in a pot / container.

The Golden Chalice Vine are considered fairly easy to care for both inside and outdoors. This plant is healthier with access to full sun or in a partially shaded location.

These plants require to be watered deeply and less frequently. When watering, water well, i.e. provide enough water to thoroughly saturate the root ball. With in-ground plants, this means thoroughly soaking the soil until water has penetrated to a depth of 30cm. With container grown plants, apply enough water to allow water to flow through the drainage holes.

This plant tolerates seaside conditions, even direct salt spray. It will do best when ambient temperatures are at 20°C.

All parts are toxic if ingested.

The below pictures are just for reference.

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