Who We Are

We are a small community of craftsmen and artisans based in Malta, right at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. We specialise in blending our diverse skills to create and provide our customers with unique, environmentally conscious, top quality products.

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality

We take pride in our work and everything that we do. Each of our creations contains a blend of different techniques and materials however we always try to keep quality and longevity as a constant in all our projects.

The Safekeeping of the environment is our priority

We try to incorporate sustainability into all of our manufacturing techniques and material selection. On each of our projects we always aim to reduce our impact on our planet by upcycling, reducing waste, recycling materials and sourcing from local suppliers. This is the reason why you may notice some of our available plants planted in re-used items such as empty paint buckets, cans and plastic bottles which would otherwise be discarded. We try to avoid single use items and try to design and produce items to last a lifetime.

What about the plants sold here?

All the plants we have available for sale have been sourced locally (in Malta) from local stock or locally produced seeds. Furthermore, all soil and any compost used are locally sourced, fully organic and pesticide free. This implies that the plants are fully acclimatised to the Maltese climate and thus have a higher success rate and higher chances of flourishing in any Maltese home.

Join Our Community!

If like us you take pride in your particular craft, art or creation and you would like to join our community please contact us at maltamakes@gmail.com